Friday, 30 November 2012


    by Leigh Oswald


 It would seem that the world is not going to end around the 21st December as has been suggested by those who believe that the Mayan calendar predicts such an event. However it is certainly true that between the 26th and 31st of the month, there is a considerable feeling of disruption. Indeed around the 26th when the Sun squares up to Uranus, there may well be some potential for geophysical upheavals. Most certainly the left field and unexpected are in the air. Also, as the year ends on the 30th/31st, the Sun lines up exactly to conjunct Pluto which has a sense of power that can be used for good or ill, and can be quite a global dramatic influence. Drama is in the air and as always with Pluto, this can be the misuse of power or the use of power for the greater good. Pluto spells power as in the words “plutocracy” and “plutonium” and endings followed often (not always) by new beginnings, are in the ether as the year closes.

 It is now that Saturn (ruling Capricorn) is in Scorpio that the power of Pluto (ruling Scorpio) in Capricorn is taking full effect, as they aid and abet each other. Both these positions relate to finance and to the economic and establishment structures and both also connect to the revelation of the deep, the dark and the hidden. The full extent of tax avoidance is now being unearthed in global economic dealings. We are increasingly being made aware that current challenging market forces and imposed austerity measures seem to be damaging the poor and middle strata of society, whilst leaving the very wealthy largely untouched.  Being called to account is part of the karma of Saturn in Scorpio and even some of the establishment figures themselves are having to address the problems of long term corruption within their own milieu, but the fight to keep the system as it stands afloat, while fiddling round the edges, to affect seeming change, will still be the goal of many in power.

 In our face climate change issues are upon us also. Hurricane Sandy in the U.S. and massive extensive flooding in the U.K. are hardly subtle reminders that whilst governments bleat on about restoring growth, the forces of nature are taking their revenge and creating the biggest wakeup call possible. The phrase sustainable growth is nothing less than an oxymoron.

 Neptune in Pisces now and for many a year to come will deluge us with issues re water; and redemption will only be achieved when we acknowledge our failures in looking after our planet’s precious resources.

To say simply that we are the custodians of nature is an arrogance of assumption. In reality, nature is our custodian; and if necessary she will make us suffer and deal us collectively some fatal blows, if we have not deserved her care or appreciated her precious balance, bounty and beauty.  She is basically screaming at us to wake up to her ability to wage destruction on us, when we abuse her services.

 It may not be the end of the world, but for those with eyes to see, we are certainly looking over a precipice.

 We all, not least governments, fiddle, while the planet burns and drowns.

On a more positive note, the first week is excellent for the arts when Mercury conjuncts Venus, and there is a smoke and mirrors feel in the air around the 16th when Venus squares Neptune.

Although this is Sagittarius’ month, Scorpio is powerful, Mercury being in that sign until the 11th and Venus until the 16th. It is therefore a time to continue to unearth the unsavoury. After the 26th when Mars moves into Aquarius away from Capricorn, a real global maverick mood is in the air.

Also Uranus moves into direct motion on the 13th, signalling a new proactive revolutionary drive being re born that will be increasingly effective and more globally resonant among the populace. Such drives will increase and maverick energies will be high profile and the fight between the old guard and a new desire for radical change is once again ignited strongly.
 This rebellious mood will reach a peak in May/June next year when Uranus once more exactly squares (90degree angle) up to Pluto

The new Moon falls on the 13th at 21º of Sagittarius and the full Moon is on the 28th at 7º of Cancer.

Happy Holidays.  A time to reflect on what really matters.

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