Saturday, 1 February 2014


               by Leigh Oswald     (London based astrologer and teacher)
Early month has a very powerful combining of planets when Venus is in conjunction with Pluto and both opposing Jupiter. This combination brings intensity, possibly obsession and a desire for power. There is nothing superficial about these first few days for any of us

America (Cancer, Sagittarius rising) will be very much in the news, especially early month as Jupiter closes in to conjunct the USA natal Sun and Venus and Pluto will start to oppose the Sun.

This Pluto opposition to the US Sun will bring a sense of conflict/disharmony with other economies.  Emerging markets, such as South Africa, Turkey, Argentina and India are in turmoil and very jumpy, as changes in US economic policy, such as the tapering of quantitative easing, threatens their economies, as US investors pull their money out these emerging economies. This will of course have repercussions for the global economy.

Mercury famously moves retrograde this month on the 6th as he does on average three times a year and stays in that mode right up to the last day of the month, which means that for all of us, after the 6th, there will be a sense of some frustration and delay in some area of life, as things get put on hold and where there is a necessity for a rethink. From the 13th when Mercury moves back into Aquarius, this may well be a global rethink.  All is in flux, uncertain unclear and communications can fail. Governmental policies and international events will seem out of control and no one will seem to know the way forward and impasses abound.
Economic recovery/growth claimed to be underway, will be hobbled globally by the instabilities of the so-called emerging markets.

No clear map forward is evident as we are in a unique chapter of human history, which needs a fundamentally unique map. Uranus in Aries demands that we ditch the old model and think innovatively for the sake of the future, rather than try to revive and consolidate old outworn patterns of power (Pluto in Capricorn)

The struggle that is ongoing between Uranus and Pluto and which will intensify over the coming few months, is one in which awakened enlightenment as to the real needs of our planet in the future, is seen as a great threat to the entrenched powers that be, who seek to merely preserve the status quo and vested interests.  The struggle between populaces and governmental power will become more critically high profile again.

Extreme weather events also will grow, until the issue of plain environmental survival will dominate collective consciousness.  Issues of economic “growth” will pale into insignificance.

Neptune continuing his long journey through Pisces is certainly bringing to our consciousness the issue of water (Neptune), whether it be radiation polluting our seas, notably from Fukushima, or the deluges and flooding being experienced in parts of Europe, deaths of coral reefs, emptying seas and the implications that it all has for the health of the human race.

The need to respect the powers of nature and to review our abuse of it, due to our arrogance, folly and misuse of power, is a message that seems to be continuously pushed in our faces now. The phrase hubris and nemesis and its meaning should be taught to our children from an early age

Neptune in Pisces (Feb 2012—April 2025) can also in negative mode, reflect the negative power of religion, when ideologically politicised and extremist in nature, and which ironically promotes violence/killing/oppression in the name of a conveniently constructed vengeful God.  We see so many wars and uprisings now, being opportunistically exploited by the power of fundamentalist religious ideology and its factions..

The positive side of Neptune in Pisces is yet to be fully realised and manifest as a global force, which is the need to fight for the survival of our planet; its peoples and the beauty and bounty of nature. Spirituality is so often the opposite of man made/distorted religion. Neptune in Pisces can illuminate the best and worse of the sign.

Excellent days for the arts are the 4th to 8th and around the 23rd when Neptune is activated. Days with dynamic courage and energy for many will be around the 15th to 17th although the 11th and 12th may well see many of us rather thwarted in our goals and reality checks abound globally as indeed they do around the 19th. There will be the necessity for some sobriety and austerity between the 24th and 27th.

There is only a full Moon this month – no new Moon will be manifest, as we had two new Moons last month. The full Moon will be at 26° of Leo on the 14th, more-or-less opposing the USA’s Moon, which may bring a few disconcerting surprises.

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