Saturday, 1 February 2014

GEMINI May 21st - June 20th

Planes, boats and trains call in February but be aware that after the 13th transport hiccups and delays can be on the menu, and between the 6th and 13th career frustrations are also very possible.

There is quite a determined note in terms of romance and proactive creative issues, and also connected to offspring in a very constructive way that forwards your goals, if born June 13th to 19th and this group won’t be inclined to take no for an answer. Mars is very much your friend now.

If born May 30th to June 2nd Uranus is definitely imbuing you with a sense of wanting to take a leap into a more exciting and appropriate future for your talent.  People from other walks of life and differing interests capture your imagination. Friends are serious catalysts to change and enlightenment. You are seeing outside the box and your desire to work for the greater good is being prompted and inspired. A period of awakening is at hand. And this may involve travel and international interests being flagged up as part of you leap into a more awakened innovative you and your future. This has been underway since late April last year and is now nearing completion, so concentrate on the last chapters of the journey being constructive..

It is noteworthy, that if born May 25th to 28th, you may be feeling rather low in energy and drive. Neptune is at work. A disillusionment and disappointment is creeping up, connected possibly to work. Be careful about over-escapism or addictive behaviour, but know that you are on journey of a dissolving of ego and a reconnection with what really matters and a sense that sometimes inaction can be as valuable as action. The old order is dissolving and a new one will ultimately emerge. Go with the flow.  This is a time of a metamorphosis and while on the journey you feel disorientated, rather confused and disempowered somehow. That is normal and precedes a new consciousness and new internal securities that arrive later.

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