Saturday, 1 February 2014

SCORPIO October 24th - November 21st

This is a positive period to hunker down and focus on home and family and how you can bring more life and satisfaction into your domestic situation.

Mercury being retrograde from the 6th implies that after that date, many of you will need to be very aware that you may be singing from a different song sheet to many of those with whom you have domestic connections and before the 13th romance may suffer from some confusion

At least for those born November 5th to 20th, there is a sense that your better nature combines with your thought processes to bring heart in confluence with mind, but since Mars is in your solar 12th house, you will all need to be aware that sitting on anger is counter-productive. Seething and resenting does you more harm than anyone else who may be the target of your resentment. Air your feelings calmly as they happen to the right person

Jupiter however is very much supportive of those born November 3rd to 6th. He is pointing in the direction of travel and international issues, bringing confidence and luck to your door.

However Saturn is now sitting firmly and squarely in his 30-year visitation on the Suns of those born November 14th to 17th. For this group the cold hand of hard work, duty, karma and reality checks are manifesting. Do not shirk the issues and look after the body.

For those born October 27th to 30th, Neptune is truly inspiring now, creatively, romantically and in terms of increased empathy, sympathy and a lowering of the ego. Your heart is dominating.

Pluto, your ruler, is now bringing a sense of your inner potential and power, especially intellectually, and with greater depth and profundity now, if born around November 5th.
This power hangs around you for nearly 2 years so prepare to focus it wisely, with regeneration, insight and healing as your goal.

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