Saturday, 1 February 2014

VIRGO August 23rd - September 21st

Your work ethic is strong this month but be aware after the 13th that colleagues may be a little less than cooperative, and indeed between the 6th and 13th significant others may also not be on the same page.

If born September 5th to 19th Venus is ensuring that there is a little bit of Cupid’s input and artists and creative people are inspired. Mars is also directing energy into financial safety as he encourages you to fight for your just desserts.

Social life and friendships are blessed if born September 2nd to 6th and you need to take advantage of opportunities and if born September 14th to 17th focus and concentration is good and intellectual soundness is strong. The work ethic is focused.

However you had better be on your toes if born August 26th to 29th, as there is definitely a feeling that everything is not as it seems in relationships. Neptune is at work by opposition. This is a rare event and hangs around for this year. You are projecting onto others and people can take advantage. Don’t over-idealise, keep grounded and check credentials of others who may not be all they seem

Mercury in retrograde mode from the 6th is likely to bring some hiccups, confusion and delays in the area of relationships till the 13th and others will be hard to pin down or understand. Clarify all arrangements. After the 13th this confusion can be experienced in your working environment, and colleagues may seem flaky.  It is a time to review goals and the path to them.

 Pluto however is very much a significant empowerer now if born September 4th –6th. Creatively and romantically, this period brings opportunities to show strength, courage and regeneration in these matters. Also issues related to procreation and offspring are potentially areas of triumph and regeneration

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