Saturday, 1 February 2014

CAPRICORN December 22nd - January 19th

This is quite a good month to focus on finances and to secure them , now the Sun is in your solar 2nd house, but with Mercury retrograde, particularly after the 13th, finances can become convoluted. You need to clarify agreements, check transactions and be prepared for delays, and before the 13th be aware that communications, computers, cell phones etc. can be less than reliable. Travel can feel frustrated too

However those born January 3rd to 17th have Venus gracing their Sun, bringing a sense of love, beauty, harmony and well being to your door. Your taste is exquisite, but if born January 13th to 19th, Mars is making you a little spikey. Bosses and authority figures are a little adversarial and your impatience and tolerance is low, as indeed is other’s. Count to ten.

Those born in the first four days of January however, have Jupiter opposing their Sun, tempting good times, extravagance, confidence, all good, but do think in terms of moderation, which is usually quite easy for your sign.  Don’t be too much of a steam roller in your desires.

Those born January 12th to 15th have your ruler Saturn bringing responsibilities and obligations to others and that is as it should be.

However, if born the last day of December, first day of January, Uranus is creating a little bit of havoc. The unpredictable and the uncertain are around, particularly domestically. You want change but you fear it. All is in flux, keep flexible, go with the flow and don’t be impulsive, but know that you are waking up to some bigger truths that lead naturally to change

Meanwhile Pluto is seriously on the case now in his very rare visitation to those born January 2nd to 4th. A sense of destiny is on your shoulder, a sense of power that you need to act on and a sense of the need to be responsible in the use of that power. The clock is striking and denoting that it is time to find your true and fated future.

Meanwhile Neptune now adds a touch of exquisite sensitivity to the thinking and feeling of those born December 25th-28th. Ego takes aback seat.

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