Saturday, 1 February 2014

CANCER June 21st - July 21st

This is not a month for frivolity or light-heartedness. It is about profound and serious issues and connections with people. Complex financial issues need dealing with, and complex emotions need understanding and it is time to lower the ego on the altar of helping others with their resources. However after the 6th when Mercury is retrograde, things might not be so smooth running and plans can be held up, so there is necessity to review.

If born between July 4th and 19th, Venus is in your solar 7th house, suggesting that relationships can enrich, romance is flourishing and a general harmony with others is mutually rewarding, but if born July 15th to 21st, there is a need to be careful that your levels of impatience or lack of self-discipline can irritate those at home, and indeed those with whom you share house space, can also be less cooperative. This is a time for tolerance.

Jupiter beautifully, is in his once every 12 year visitation, is sitting on the Suns of those born July 1st to 5th.For this group there is a real joie de vivre, sense of growth, luck and good times, and it also augurs well for health and work. Possibilities and confidence abound, but keep some humility. Early month is especially powerful for relationship issues.

However, if born around July 3rd to 5th, Pluto is also bringing some potential confrontation with someone in a kind of power struggle. It’s a time when you may be dealing with the darker side of power in self and in others, and primeval forces are at work connected to feelings of survival. Be conscious, draw boundaries, rise above and understand that this goes very deep in both you and in rivals.  Those with birthdays round july1st or 2nd are in the closing chapter of a yearlong Uranus transit that has brought some uncertainty /restlessness in life, perhaps relate to career. This final chapter can lead you to a more appropriate future, despite the flux.

Neptune brings rare blessing in terms of new sensibilities, new spiritual insights/senses and long distance magic if born June 25th-28th.

Saturn is ensuring that for all born July 14th to 17th there is also an element of austerity, maturity and constructive hard work in life, which will allow for future benefits. Romance had a very grown-up feel to it, with responsibilities, pragmatism and duties as part of the picture.

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