Saturday, 1 February 2014

SAGITTARIUS November 22nd - December 21st

Your intellectual insights now are sound and your communication skills are positive, but with Mercury retrograde from the 6th, after that date there will be some sense of confusion, possibly domestically, hold-ups and after the 13th you do need to very much repeat yourself in communications to ensure clarity, particularly true if born around November 23rd. Clarify communications with siblings especially. Your humanitarian instincts are powerful.
If born December 14th to 21st, Mars is on your side. There is support from groups, you have leadership skills, and your intelligence and action go hand-in-hand, particularly when working with others. Fairness and balanced dealings are yours to use wisely and to your advantage.

Uranus is also very much inspiring the lives of those born December 1st 4th. You are being awakened to new potential, new chapters; new romances and dealing with offspring issues are inspiring. You are being kick-started into a new and freer future. And even creatively the very innovative and technological can be particularly inspiring

However beware all born November 26th to 29th that Neptune is creating some fog and smoke and mirrors. Check your facts, beware seeing what you want to see and projecting. Nothing is clear and there is potential for some deceptive issues being in the ether. Listen to music; spend time by the see and commune with your soul.  Being near the sea or bodies of water can be very assuaging and healing.  More sleep than usual may be in order.

Pluto still traversing your solar 2nd house suggests an ongoing need to empower yourself financially somehow. But also you should be aware of the need to get a balance between obsession and ruthlessness and fair economic empowerment. This is particularly true early month when economic issues are high profile and feel compulsive.

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