Saturday, 1 February 2014

ARIES March 21st - April 20th

This is a very sociable month when you can take on a leadership role and when friends and contacts can prove very fruitful, which works both ways.  However after the 6th when Mercury is in walkabout mode, sometimes it will feel like herding cats when organising people and before the 13th you will definitely feel a little alone in your vision and may choose to be a little unavailable at times.

Mars is in your opposite sign this month, directly impacting those born April 13th to 19th. For this group there are those who are definitely feeling adversarial towards you, or so it seems, and challenges are in the air. Have the courage to surrender, if the only thing that is stopping you is pride. Partners in all contexts will certainly be no pushovers, and this challenger can be good for you, in terms of re-examining your own behaviour.

For those born in the last two days of March, Uranus is now absolutely on your case as he has been on and off for about a year. This is the final stretch when you are still accommodating a crazy sense of uncertainty, change, excitement, adrenaline and some nervous tension and exhaustion. Your life has been a roller-coaster and continues to be for just a few months longer, and then you will see that you are in a different place with a different consciousness to what you were a year ago, I This journey denotes actually a more liberated you.

Jupiter is creating a little self-indulgence in the mood of those born March 31st-April 4th, so have a care before spending/risking too much.

Pluto for those born around April 2nd is also forcing many of you to recognise the need for power in your work. What matters is the motive and the context and your consciousness. Ends of chapters are in the air and any crisis can also be an opportunity. Early month may well reflect this fact in your life quite strongly.

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