Saturday, 1 February 2014

TAURUS April 21ST – May 20th

Your reputation and career standing matter and you have the opportunity to shine, but beware that after the 13th when Mercury is retrograde this may not be an area where you feel you have complete control over the smooth running of things. Also after the 6th and before the 13th, friends may seem flaky and arrangements may need double-checking.

Venus, your ruler however, if born May 3rd to 17th, brings very positive input through travel and from overseas quarters, and you also can combine romance and long-distance issues. It also is excellent for enjoying an academic programme, but this month, with Mars in Libra, you cannot take your eye off the ball on your everyday work.

Jupiter is also your friend now if born May 1st to 4th. He is inspiring your wisdom and communication skills and bringing a level of luck which you need to grab.  Early month also brings power from your higher mind and with long distance sources that can be intensely enriching

However Saturn, still in your opposite sign of Scorpio, has now reached the point where he is directly affecting those born May 12th to 15th. For this group others can be onerous and demanding. The march of time is taking its toll, and the pressures of doing what one has to, can feel very weighty. Karma is in the air and reality checks about others also need acknowledging. Bite a bullet.

However if born around May 3rd there is a new sense of empowerment in the air. Intellectually you are truly incisive. Transformation of understanding and insightful wisdom is growing and your power and courage is undeniable in terms of self- reinvention for self and others. There is a sense of healing and relationships can be empowered as never before, not only with others, but also with your self.

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