Saturday, 1 February 2014

AQUARIUS January 20th - February 18th

Your birthday, or solar return, month indicates an uprising in energy. Mercury retrograde in Pisces suggests that you all need to be aware of looking after finances and recognise that the cheque is not necessarily in the post as expected, and from the 13th, Mercury back in your sign brings back issues that were unresolved last mont for review. Love life has a very behind-the-scenes feel, but much good can be done for others in a very private way.

Mars is inspiring the energies and psychological and academic courage for those born February 11th to 17th. However for those born February 10th to 13th Saturn is also weighing heavily on your case. He is bringing some stress and strain and obligations and responsibilities connected to work and profession. Authority figures are not exactly benign from your viewpoint. Time to bite the bullet, do what you have to, but also face the facts and reality with courage.

Mercury moves retrograde on the 6th till the month’s end. This will indicate that for many of you   between the 6th and 13th, there will be a sense of confusion re money and you need to check the small print.. After the 13th you may well need to rethink plans that got underway that  last month.

Uranus, your ruler, however, if born January 28th to 31st, is inspiring you with intuition, insight and the ability to look outside the box and with divergent and lateral understanding. A desire for freedom and innovation is yours and the maverick in you can show yourself a new way forward as you also can for others.  The full Moon falls at 26 degrees of your opposite sign of Leo on the 14th. Therefore for those born around14th-16th February, there may well be on the 14th a rather powerful confrontation with a truth regarding a relationship issue. Truths will out and primitive forces are erupting.

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