Saturday, 1 February 2014

PISCES February 19th - March 20th

 February is very much a month when many Pisces feel in retreat, a time for privacy and a time to reconnect with your soul and your past. It is also a time when you feel a sort of divine discontent; even more than usual.

Mercury is in your sign up to the 14th and for all born February 19th to 23rd there will be a focus very much on reflective thinking, but because Mercury moves retrograde from the 6th, this same group will feel rather alienated in terms of feeling misunderstood and communications can feel frustrating. It is time to stop and take stock.  Some withdrawal may feel necessary.

Friends provide solace if born March 3rd to 5th and Venus is very much promoting their support.

Jupiter is also a big hero now for those born March 1st to 4th. He is also encouraging slightly more extrovert positivity, he is bringing fertility, creative joy, a sense of well-being, and career success is on the cards.

However if born March 12th to 15th Saturn is bringing a promise of a quieter success. Duty and obligation is strong, maturity is needed but deferred gratification is guaranteed from work put in. Travel can be very much for work or duty as well.

Neptune is now moving to directly impact those born March 22nd to 25th. Your ruling planet in his once every 165-year visitation to your Sun is promoting the most exquisite sensitivity, creativity and spiritual forces that you will ever experience. Keep grounded, avoid excessive escapism and listen to your heart, but keep fact from fancy clearly delineated

Pluto is now bringing a new and rare sense of power and strength to those with birthdays. March 2nd –4th. Contacts, groups and friendships become ultra significant. There is great reciprocal benefit and your leadership potential is strong. Increased incisive wisdom and courage is yours for approximately the coming 2 years.

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