Saturday, 1 February 2014

LIBRA September 22nd - October 23rd

February can be quite a romantic and creative time and when the desire to live life to the full in manifest, especially after the 13th. Before that date it may be a positive time to hunker down and focus on good communications with family. However after the 6th, as for us all, there is a real danger of upsets, delays and blocks when it comes to communications., not least at work.

There is a bit of a warning for those born October 6th to 20th. There is a propensity for a lack of moderation in spending and indulgence, particularly domestically, especially early month.. This is because of Jupiter’s influence and although enjoyment abounds, some regrets may follow if moderation is not heeded. This same group needs to be wary of arrogance at work.

Mars in your sign now is directly activating the lives of those born October 16th to 22nd. This group will feel energised, ambitious, driven, even assertive and you will need to be certain that it is used constructively and proactively and make sure that it is not just an excuse to be a little bit of a bull in a china shop, which can incur objections from others. It is also true that others may well be very adversarial towards you and you will have your time-honoured conflict between self-assertion and self-surrender tested.

Those born October 2nd to 5th have Uranus opposing your Sun, creating a lot of chaos and unpredictability coming from other people who are in fact actually creating this mood, consciously or unconsciously, in order to kick-start you into a newer future, even though it feels like an uncomfortable journey. Change is in the air.

Pluto brings potential for internal and external power struggles relating to your personal autonomy if born October 5th-7th.  Eruptive powers are emanating. It feels like an issue of survival and the roots go way back.. Be conscious, keep things in proportion and do not abuse power in your effort to be independent and heard..

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