Saturday, 1 November 2014

SCORPIO October 24th - November 21st

It is your birthday month so a time for celebration and for taking a step into the sunshine. Between the 8th and 28th Mercury in your sign brings extra intellectual insight and depth, and your normally forensic mind is strongly underscored.

Before the 16th if born after November 2nd, love life dominates and your ability to understand the laws of aesthetics and harmony will be demonstrated. The power of affections is strong.

Those born October 27th to November 20th are in strong form intellectually and the force of your argument is irrefutable and your judgement and will combine to bring success.

If born November 12th to 16th, care needs to be taken about being over-confident, over-arrogant or over-extravagant in your work goals. Success is around but don’t push your luck.

However for those born November 15th to 21st, Saturn is sitting right on your Sun in his once every 30-year visitation, bringing some significant reality checks and karmic boomerangs to your door. This is a time for maturity, hard work, discipline and facing facts. Do what you have to do, rather than what you want to do and it will pay dividends.

Your ruler Pluto is still very much enhancing the lives of those born November 3rd to 6th. In this long 2-year transit, he is empowering your insight more than ever before. The courage, determination and wisdom he brings needs to be used for regeneration and transformation, not only of self, but also of others.

Neptune continues to enhance the power of your deep feelings, but bringing an edge of greater compassion, sensitivity and a dissolving of ego, if born November 27th-29th. In romance/ creativity and re offspring issues, the power of the heart/soul dominates and enhances life.

 The full Moon affects all born November 6th-8th on the 6th. For this group, be prepared for some revelations from others then, that can shake you but which have to be acknowledged.

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