Saturday, 1 November 2014

VIRGO August 23rd - September 21st

The power of your brain should not be underestimated and your communication skills are quite ingenious with detail being your forte, notably between the 8th and 28th and before the 16th you can combine charm with intellectual insight perfectly and emotions and brain can be good partners.

Mars is also very much on your side if born August 26th to September 20th. Your assertiveness, both creatively and in romantic issues shouldn't be underestimated. You are not a shrinking violet during this time. You are determined and driven and a little less self-effacing than usual, but constructively you are going to get yourself heard and on the map.

Saturn is also bringing a note of very constructive caution to those born September 15th to 21st. He brings steadiness and groundedness of thought processes and gravitas to you assessments of situations and people.

Jupiter from your solar 12th house brings for you all a sort of quiet guardian angel effect protecting you and allowing quiet preparation for when Jupiter bursts positively into your sign in August next year.

Neptune brings for those born around August 27th an ongoing warning that is nearly spent as energy of projecting on to others what you want to see and also allowing others to project to you what they want you to see, but creatively it has been, and continues to be. an inspiring time. You need music and water around you.

Pluto is still and till next January bring to the door of those born September 4th-7th, the real and very positive power to reinvent yourself as a powerful and constructive person re love life, the affections generally, creativity and re parenthood.

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