Saturday, 1 November 2014

SAGITTARIUS November 22nd - December 21st

This is a time for some retreat, some behind-the-scenes focus, some soul-searching and contemplation of self and the more spiritual side of life. Behind-the-scenes activities, connections flourish. Quiet service to others brings satisfaction. However after the 16th when Venus moves into your sign, all born up to December 11th can feel the benefits of love, harmony, beauty and peace.  You will be looking good too.

Jupiter is also very much on your side now if born December 12th to 16th. He brings long distance opportunities, travel, wisdom, academic successes and plain luck, growth, inner or outer; and well being, and for those born December 4th to 7th, exciting new people are on the horizon. There is a change in your life that is satisfactory and children's issues are particularly rewarding and satisfying. Creativity too is awakening you to a whole new dimension of self.

Uranus is still favouring those born December 4th-6th. For this group, since June 2013 and till March 2015, there continues to be a sense of a leap into a new chapter that is exhilarating and liberating., not least related to the affections / children’s issues and or creative issues. You have discovered your talents and true self. A new dimension has opened to you.

Neptune however is a little less clear cut for those born November 26th-28th. This once every aprox 83 year square to your Sun has been ongoing since March 2013 and will be over by January 2015. It has been a foggy voyage with a sense of a dissolving of one status quo with a rather uncertain destination to another. You have needed more rest and to develop a “let go and let god” attitude, whilst emotions have been strong.  It is not however been a time for making irrevocable decisions as confusion and illusion is in the air. A time dawns very soon when you see the other side, when the metamorphosis is complete and redemption is found.

The new Moon in your sign on the 22nd directly relates to those born around December 15th. For this group a new start is in the air.

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