Saturday, 1 November 2014

CAPRICORN December 22nd - January 19th

Friends figure strongly in your life and your communications with them, particularly between the 8th and 28th This can be very fruitful, quite profound and about stuff that you like, and before the 16th, those born after December 31st can find that love and friendship mix well and one can beget the other. Social life is very pleasing.

Mars in your sign now is directly affecting all born December 25th to January 18th. For this group, ambition, drive, determination and physical, spiritual and psychological energy all work well. Just beware it doesn't tip over into over-assertiveness. 

For those born January13th –19th, Saturn your ruler is bringing responsibilities and obligations to others and leadership qualities that you cannot shirk. This is a time of karmic obligation and which is ultimately very rewarding.

Those born January 1st to 5th are still in this huge revolution in life when empowerment and change is bestowed and the need to recognise that the only true corollary of power is humility and change should not necessarily be feared. See this as an opportunity.  Fate is at work now and although the events around you can seem daunting, accept that this journey allows now a huge leap in depth understanding of the nature of life and its potentials. Endings are followed by new beginnings. T5his conjunction only happens every 248 years, so understand its rarity and therefore its significant power on your life .. Only you can choose as to how you embrace it with clear conscience and self-awareness and humility to use as a force for the greater good. .

Neptune in his ongoing rare visitation to the suns of those born December 25th-27th (over by January) is closing a chapter of increased sensitivity and openness to the more spiritual and creatively inspired side of consciousness. Your mind has been seared with the power of your heart and its importance and has brought reflective balance and enrichment.

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