Saturday, 1 November 2014

CANCER June 21st - July 21st

November for Cancers is often a time of great enjoyment and celebration of life. Love life, children's and creative issues and general celebrations of happiness are in the ether. Between the 8th and 28th your ability to communicate brings joy and writing skills are underlined. Before the 16th love life is particularly emphasised and enjoyment of children's company is exceptionally good. Parenthood is especially underscored.

Mars however in your opposite sign is directly affecting all born June 25th to July 19th. There will be some people who will challenge you or stand in your way in some respect. You will be assertive but as so often with a Mars opposition, assertion is stimulated by others' harsh stance. Be diplomatic, think before you react, and try to be calm and compromise.

Saturn forces maturity and discipline upon those born July 15th to 21st and serious issues that demand a grown-up approach are evident in romance, and offspring issues may need serious thought in terms of handling them. Creativity demands technical patience and expertise.

For all born July 2nd to 6th Uranus and Pluto are still directly impacting your lives in this very long haul. You have been in the firing line of those rather daunting influences for some few years and power struggles have been in the air, as well as great insecurities and restlessness professionally. This is a very important period in your life, which tests your mettle to rise above and accept that endings are followed by new beginnings, no matter how difficult it is.  Career too is changing and all is in flux and uncertain, but out of this comes a stronger more secure you, and the uphill struggle of this chapter is truly nearly over. A phoenix will rise.

Neptune however is still bringing subtle blessings (since March 2013) to all born June 25th-27th. For this group a sense of spiritual awakening to the less material aspects of life and a greater empathy, compassion and inspired imagination has crept up in you. This journey is nearly complete and you are better, richer person for it.

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