Saturday, 1 November 2014

GEMINI May 21st - June 20th

This is a good month to rationalise your everyday working life. Tidying up environment will tidy up your mind. It's a time for boring practicalities and rationalisations that later you will be glad you addressed.

After the 16th however, when Venus moves into your opposite sign, many of you born up to June 9th may find a remarkable input of love, affection, romance, social life. P positive feedback from other people will really lighten your mood and bring fulfilment.

Jupiter too is very helpful now provided you take advantage of his opportunities that are coming your way, if born June 10th to 14th. Your normal levels of intelligence and adept intellect are given an extra boost and communication abilities are effective and far-reaching, and there is an optimism and positivity about you that is infectious. Much comings and goings can also bring benefits, and relationships particularly thrive through excellent communications.

Uranus is an exciting influence still if born June 2nd –5th. From last March till next March, you are enjoying an enlightened insight in self and life through working with and communicating with others and a more revolutionary and intuitive big picture has grown, that has really liberated you and your trajectory will be slightly different and for the better now..

Just beware that if born around May 24th to 26th there are still some smoke and mirrors around in your professional environment and one should check small print on everything in business, and don't always take on board the superficial appearance of people or situations. You need more sleep than usual and escapism and over-indulgence can be to your detriment.

The new Moon on the 22nd may well, for those born around May 22nd/23rd, bring a sense of a new chapter in a relationship, that is all good.

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