Saturday, 1 November 2014

TAURUS April 21ST - May 20th

Scorpio is a month that focuses on significant others and indeed relationships are a powerful influence on your life this month. Good communication relationships are vital and also enabled between the 8th and 28th, and before the 16th all born after April 30th have the power of love and affections enhancing life. Old relationships improve, and new ones can come in.

Indeed the full moon in your sign on the 6th, may see for those born around May 5th, a sense of realisation within, about the true status of a relationship, as your unconscious erupts somehow revealing some important and necessary facts.

Mars is very much on your side if born after April 23rd up to May 17th. He is bringing you a philosophical empowerment and a sense of courageous intelligence and constructively in your decisions.

If born May 10th to 14th be aware of a tendency towards over-indulgence and hedonism, but good times can roll.. Jupiter is very tempting then. Domestic/family indulgence and extravagance is on the cards,.

However Saturn is directly opposing in his once every 30-year hit, the Suns of those born May 14th to 19th. For this group challenges are very much on the horizon from other people and from circumstances. One has to rise to maturity to accept and deal with certain issues in life. Courage and application of will and discipline will help, but reality checks are in the air. The march of time is a strong theme and the need to care for the body.

Pluto is a real empowerer still if born May 2nd-4th. . He brings wisdom, courage and empowerment from the higher mind, travel and academic accomplishments.

Neptune is still encouraging kindness, ego less care and compassion and creative skills to those born April 24th to 26th. Friends too are priceless gifts in their connection with you now.

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