Saturday, 1 November 2014

AQUARIUS January 20th - February 18th

Career is predominating this month, notably between the 8th and the 28th. You are in the public eye and you can rise to the occasion. Although for many of you born between the 12th and 18th responsibilities, duties, obligations and some blocks are also part of the maturing process in your attitude to career and yourself in relationship to it.

If born up to February 8th, after the 16th there will be a much more sociable time and romance is in the ether and collective projects benefit from your wisdom

With Mars currently in your solar 12th house it is important for all of you not to sit on anger, to seethe or resent, but to get things out consciously and positively, as they happen and as you feel things. Repressed anger leads to depression and later explosions..

If born February 9th to 13th, Jupiter from your solar 7th house is bringing extravagance, benevolence, generosity – possibly over-generosity to others, but it is an excellent time for travel and enjoyment but just beware of over-indulgence and over-trusting. Relationships can flourish and new ones are exciting and people from other cultures can enhance your life, but beware others promising more than is possible and you being too confident and complacent.

Venus after the 16th can bring for you, if born up to February 8th, a sense of popularity with others and love , support and affection from friends abound as you are in demand and love life can get directly intertwined with friendship somehow.

Uranus, your sun sign ruler, is currently enhancing your life if born February 1st to 4th, as he has since last April.. You are being blessed in this once every 42-year angle to your Sun with a sense of awakening to your true authentic being and purpose. Your intuition is incisive and your sense of thinking outside the box is greatly creative and will enhance your power. The w world of technology and the innovative is powerful now in your life as it should be, almost in  a revolutionary fashion.

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