Saturday, 1 November 2014


by Leigh Oswald (London-based astrologer and teacher )

 Scorpio is a month dominated by the power of Pluto, the ruler of that sign. If you think about the word Pluto, its connotations are very much connected to power – plutonium, plutocracy. Pluto has the power for great good and regeneration and transformation, or great destruction, and this month will therefore be fairly critical in terms of how power is used., not least around the 11th.

With Jupiter squaring the Sun around the 14th, there are some large and delicate egos on the planet and Syria, which is a Scorpio country, may continue to be very, very hotly in the news as it undergoes such a terrible time of conflict.

Neptune currently strong in his own sign of Pisces (from Feb 2012-Jan 2026) is very much indicative of a problem with boundaries. There is a danger of viruses (the invisible) being more prone to not honouring boundaries in any way, hence potential inability to control certain infectious agencies, Ebola being the latest. Neptune knows no boundaries and rules the invisible, so when Neptune is in Pisces there is a direct correlation with the potential for widespread epidemics, or at least fear of them. It also flags up the danger of antibiotic resistance, because of over use of them, not least in meat production.

It also puts focus on the need to recognise the importance of the seas (Neptune ruled) and how vital the health of the oceans is to the whole of our planetary survival and to wake up to the destruction of industrial fishing and acidification of our seas. Wherever Neptune is, is where we need to redeem ourselves and not to be blind to issues.

The 13th when Mars squares Uranus is probably the most dangerous time of the month in terms of geophysical eruptions and being accident-prone, and the economies of certain countries, already showing certain weaknesses in Europe are likely to be greater causes of concern this month, not least around the 13th when Venus conjuncts to Saturn (economic stress). Further austerity measures globally may be a source of great discontent around the 19th and 26th. Misuse of power, not least by British politicians, is very likely on the 11th when Mars conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn and it is also a time when the States may start to feel some economic wobble as the fiscal stimulus is withdrawn.

Both Barack Obama and David Cameron face challenges late this month and early next, as Saturn challenges some natal planets in their charts.

Regenerative, rejuvenating times on the planet in some connection, where hope is flagged up, is between the 1st and the 4th, and the 18th and 24th.

The full Moon falls on the 6th at 14 degrees of Taurus, exact at 22.23 GMT, a time for the end of chapters and to reap the results of certain actions, as the unconscious erupts and the cycles run full circle.

The new Moon falls on the 22nd at 0 degrees of Sagittarius, exact at 12.32 GMT – a time of hope, positivity and the sowing of new futures.

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