Saturday, 1 November 2014

PISCES February 19th - March 20th

Pisces may find travel this month particularly inspiring and those who are academically inclined will get great joy from learning and philosophical pursuits, notably between the 8th and the 28th

After the 16th those born up to March 9th will use their creativity and charms very effectively in professional progress. Also for all born February 24th to 18th, this month brings energy, drive, ambition and intellectual insight that is constructive and effective.

If born March 13th to 19th, travel for duty or for work is possibly in the air, but there is a great maturity to life that is necessary, courtesy of Saturn.

Jupiter continues to protect the area connected to work and everyday functionalism from your solar 6th house.

Your ruler Neptune continues to directly affect all those born around February 22nd to 24th and this is nearly over having been strongly operative since Spring 2013. By next year this particular long journey will be complete and it has been the complete intensifying of your Pisces qualities. Your soul, your spirit, your creativity have been totally pinpointed. A metamorphosis has been happening, hopefully to bring out your best qualities. Negatively you have needed and continue to need to avoid escapism, care is needed particularly round the 20th. The arts, the sea and music and film have been potentially vital components of your life and nourishment.

Pluto is still empowering you if born round March 2nd.  However after this month this rare once in a life time visitation by sextile, of aprox. 2 years is about complete so ensure you enjoy the last chapter of your extra insight and empowerment to enable others to shine and appreciate the powerful transformation and advantage that friends and contacts have and are bringing to your door.

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