Saturday, 1 November 2014

ARIES March 21st -April 20th

One is not allowed to get away with the superficial in November. It is a time of depth and profundity and also for dealing with very private, secretive issues both on an emotional a
and intense level, and also connected to finances. Complex financial issues are very much there to be dealt with and you will have a craving for depth and intensity in life in some way and truths will be faced. Communications about finances and private feelings that are very urgent will be enabled between the 8th and 28th and before the 16th passions are strong.

 After the 16th, when Mercury moves into Sagittarius, all born up to April 8th can combine love with travel and creativity inspires. Idealism of an ideological sort may be your driver.

Mars is not too well disposed towards those born March 24th to April 17th. There are war drums audible and this can come from authority figures or on the career front. You are impatient and intolerant and others may respond in same mode. Stop and count to ten before impulsive speech or action, or you could embroil yourself in difficult situations unnecessarily.

Jupiter however is helpful if born April 9th to 13th. He is bringing a zest for life, opportunities for increased social life, fun, enjoyment, extravagance and children's issues can be a source of joy and fertility. Beware about rash speculation however, and over-confidence.

Uranus and Pluto are still very much affecting those born April 1st to 4th. So much change has been going on over the last year or so and continues to. People misusing power and challenging you unfairly at work have caused you pain and problems and you have had to be careful not to throw your own over-assertive weight about as well. However for many of you there has been a need for radical departure into a new direction and you feel you are waking up to your true potential, but impulsiveness can be your enemy. Change is around but don't push the river, and make sure that your power is used for the greater good. You are the agent, not the owner of it.

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