Saturday, 1 November 2014

LIBRA September 22nd - October 23rd

There may be a need to think quite profoundly about finances and between the 8th and 28th focus around finances and security issues can be very fruitful, and also before the 16th money can be made through your charms and your artistic abilities, but can also be gained because of the power of affectionate ties. Before the 8th those born after October 12th have an extra boost to communication skills and to sharpness of intellect, courtesy of Mercury in the last half of your sign, now thankfully direct and many issues from the last 2 months that have been pending get finally resolved somehow.

Mars is not so kindly disposed towards many of you, particularly if born Sept 27th- October 20th. There is a feeling that you may be a little bit of a bull in a china shop in your domestic situation and also there is a sense of other people who are a little bit forceful or assertive and you yourself may also tip into a reaction against your normal compromising nature, by being a little angry. Impatience and intolerance can be in the ether.

Jupiter however is well disposed to those born October 13th to 17th. Friends are saviours and you have got leadership skills. Goals are successful and you are very useful and lucky for others.

If born October 4th to 8th both Uranus and Pluto are still challenging you in their long haul. The unexpected, the unpredictable and some power struggles are around you. This is a metamorphosis and revolution in life that you are having to weather. Others are catalysts for change and you need to stand your own principles with humility and courage and access your own power without ruthlessness. Others are destabilising in their actions and in events, but they are in reality kick starting you into a newer better future, you just may not know it quite yet.

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