Saturday, 1 November 2014

LEO July 22nd - August 22nd

Issues to do with domestic and family matters dominate this month. Communications about these things are probably best achieved between the 8th and 28th and you do have a desire to make changes and moves in those areas. Before the 16th you will also have a desire to have harmony in these same respects, although this could be difficult, as there are practical reality checks that may need facing first.

If born August 15th to 21st, there are significant disciplining issues that you need to face within yourself and problems and challenges that need very logistical answers on the property/family front and your living arrangements. Frustrations and delays abound, and it is also a time to face facts, and do what is necessary, and if you do, rewards are round the corner.

Mars is inviting you to get your sleeves rolled up in your working capacity , so that you make progress there and clarify your professional objectives

After the 16th many of you born up to August 11th may find that love life takes a turn for the better and you are feeling relatively optimistic in your creative and affectional self.

Jupiter is also extremely protective now if born August 12th to 15th. He is bringing luck in love, and also travel and international opportunities, but he can also bring over-optimism, a few blind spots and possibly over extravagance, over confidence or even a little over expansion and a little arrogance, so have a bit of a caution and then you can still enjoy the moment.

Uranus too is still bringing for those born August 4th to 7th a sense of the new, the exciting and the innovative, and a desire to take a leap into a freer future with possible overseas connections. There is also a need to honour a need to look beyond your own needs/ego and recognise a bigger picture, which gives objectivity about your self and life that can be truly liberating and indicates a new life opportunity in some capacity.

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