Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Capricorn December 22nd - January 19th

Taurus is a month for Capricorns to relax your work ethic a little and enjoy, and to be confident and slightly more extrovert than usual. It encourages the romantic in you and allows you to believe in your ability to enjoy life and to be uniquely creative. In short, this is a period to celebrate life. For all born after January 8th, the first nine days of the month are particularly positive in this respect, and for all born after December 29th, with Mars on your side, you will not take no for an answer and your perseverance is admirable.

The second half of the month puts much focus on work in a positive fashion, and indeed there is protection there as Jupiter is continuing to enhance and protect your every day work area and is also supportive of health..

If born December 26th to 31st, loyalty and obligation is easy for you to fulfil and you are mature and measured in your judgement, especially in dealing with others. And being very adult in your responses to life and people is a blessing now.

However if born January 1st and 2nd, the surprise and the left field is in the air and too much restlessness can be counter-productive. Don’t jump from a frying pan into a fire, but acknowledge the need for some change. However this same group have the power of Pluto giving a drive and a sense of destiny as never before. Just don’t misuse power along the way. This is a once every 248 year event that can mark a turning point in your life. Be sure you are determined to use power responsibly for the greater good.  Life and your psyche is prompting you not to ignore your passions and your gifts. Avoid impulsiveness and dangerous adventures of any sort, but recognise endings of chapters are nigh as the new presents itself to you. Even the dark and the difficult and the left field is somehow serving a purpose.
If born December 26th to 28th take advantage of extra sensitivity, compassion, empathy, spiritual and creative instincts and gifts.  Your mind is being tempered by the power of your heart and your growing spiritual awareness and the humility that accompanies that. Use the arts as catharsis, and don’t neglect the power of music and sea to heal you.

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