Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Scorpio October 24th - November 21st

Taurus is the month that rules relationship issues, so therefore it is likely to be a full one with dealing with other people on a personal and professional level. Before the 9th if born after November 11th, focus is definitely on a romantic level and reciprocity of affections is strong. After the 15th you all will benefit from people who can give you serious and positive intellectual input.

However all November born Scorpios do have Mars haunting your house of significant others, which means there is distinct risk of confrontation from those who are just as determined and stubborn as you. Stand-offs are in the air.

Saturn, still in your sign, is once again haunting the lives of those born October 28th to November 2nd, as he was last November and December. It is a time to be mature, disciplined, and patient and to acknowledge that lessons need to be learnt. Humility does not go amiss under Saturn.

Pluto your ruler is however enhancing a sense of power and destiny for those born November 3rd to 5th. For this group, your intellectual incisiveness and cut-to-the-chase instincts are as powerful as ever they will be and your ability to reinvent yourself and your life based on the power of your intellect should not be underestimated and others are really going to listen and learn.

Meanwhile if born around October 28th to 30th, Neptune is bringing serious creative inspiration and sensitivity and spiritual connection with others will also be strong.  Your empathy increase and ego is downgraded as the power of materialism and worldly desires retreat.  Creative desires and abilities are seriously underlined.. Film/music /photography are all sources of joy and inspiration and romance has a soul mate dimension added and desired...

The solar eclipse falls in you’re opposite sign of Taurus on the 9th/10th directly affecting those born November 11th to 13th. The birth of the new is in the air re relationships, and this may be an enlightening period in relation to significant others.

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