Monday, 1 October 2012


Saturn moving into Scorpio squares your sign, which will bring some challenges to many of you during the next 2½ years, most likely connected to career and reputation. You will be given some rather testing challenges in life which connect to responsibilities and duties and also which force you to face some facts about yourself and whether possibly you need to consider whether you are going in the right direction and need to move on, or whether you are just feeling under-confident when actually you are up to the task. Delays and restrictions are likely and it is a time when deferred gratification is the name of the game. Look after your body, as you are not getting any younger. Saturn is the principle of necessity. Those initially aware of this now will be those born January 21st to 25th.

Because it is Libra’s month, many of you may be undertaking journeys or holidays, and for some this is about further learning.

Emphasis generally on Scorpio this month does mean that career figures largely for all of you and between the 5th and 29th many of you may have to tread carefully about what you say and some professional communications will hit home.

Also, before the 7th if born after February 13th, Mars in Scorpio will imply a few power struggles and a few harsh confrontations, possible again with colleagues or authority figures. However after the 7th, many of you, particularly if born up to February 7th, will be working very constructively and hard on behalf of others and also social life can be successful.

Jupiter is very much the friend now of those born February 3rd to 6th. He is bringing a real dose of enjoyment of life, particularly in a romantic context, and also bringing creative fecundity to your door. The extrovert in you is there and the fun-loving person can shine.

For those born January 25th to 28th, Uranus is currently bringing a spring to your step, but importantly he is bringing great intuition into your life and some eureka moments help you direct your future in a much more liberated way. Uranus is your ruling planet and this is a very helpful, once every 42-year contact to your Sun. Awakening and enlightening influences are being born and innovation and liberty are yours with confidence.

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