Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Rationalising career plans is important this month and try and get communications sorted out effectively with others before the 6th, particularly if born around May 22nd to 25th, otherwise you may have to wait until the 26th for normal service to be resumed, when dealing with others, both at work and personally.

Before the 22nd, if born after May 25th, the good times roll and the party spirit is strong in you, as are creative inspirations. Thereafter you will need to charm your colleagues who will be extra amenable.

Before the 17th if born after June 7th, people are no pushovers. Mars in your 7th house is challenging you and you may have to fight your corner, or compromise more than you planned

Jupiter meanwhile is blessing those born June 1st to 7th. Enjoy! He is bringing not only benefits relationship-wise, but also growth externally and internally now.

Check out all the small print in everybody and every situation if born around May 21/22nd as Neptune is fogging the picture, but for those born May 24th to 28th, enjoy and embrace new input and innovative ideas and people, and believe in your intuition.

The lunar eclipse of the 28th falls on the Suns of those born around May 29th. You may be surprised what uncomfortable, but eye opening truths emerge.

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