Monday, 1 October 2012


Saturn in Scorpio is a much better position for you than Saturn from Libra has been over the last 2½ years. From the 5th from Scorpio he will bring for many of you in the next couple of years a sense of groundedness, pragmatism and practicality, and a great sense of seriousness in a very constructive way, particularly when dealing with friends and goals, and an intellectual pragmatism is yours. Most affected initially are early Capricorns born around December 22nd to 24th. Focus will be quite strongly on career and working hard this month for many of you, but also friendships and social obligations will be powerful and enjoyable, particularly between the 5th and 29th when your intellectual input will be very valued.

Between the 3rd and 28th also your popularity will grow and your charms will combine with your intelligence.

Before the 7th if born after January 15th don’t underestimate the power of your influence over others and your energy levels and determination can pull rabbits out of hats. After the 7th many of you however need to remember not to sit on resentment and brood.

Jupiter is protecting you all work-wise and if born December 26th to 29th, Uranus is creating some uncertainty and unpredictability on the home and family front. He is waking you up to new dimensions and making you want to escape from any Capricornian stultifying routine that has become comfortable but restricting. This is a time for change and for some surprising left-field events that may create that change, but avoid impulse and seek adventure that is controlled and reasonable.

If born round December 22nd, Neptune is sextiling your Sun, bringing a real softening of the heart and the soul and a greater sensitivity to life and an absorbing of people like a sponge and feeling the need to express yourself both creatively and spiritually. This is a very redemptive and gentling influence.

By contrast, if born December 27th to 30th, Pluto right on your Sun is a once every 248-year power drive. You are tested for the wise use of power that is either given to you or which you seek now. A sense of destiny is in the air. Endings and new beginnings are all around you. Remember you are the steward, not the owner of the power. Motive is everything, but your influence goes far and wide, so treat with great responsibility.

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