Monday, 1 October 2012

TAURUS            APRIL 21ST - MAY 20th

Saturn moving into Scorpio will challenge your sign for maturity and responsibility. The next 2½ years will bring challenges via relationships. Learning curves, and the principle of necessity will be powerful. Be very grown-up, and remember that facing some of the mountains that we have to climb in life and doing what we have to makes our lives more secure for the future. A serious note is struck, and initially those born between April 21st and 24th will feel the hand of Saturn on their shoulder this month, but remember he is a benevolent despot, and what we do under Saturn if we apply ourselves to the task, we benefit from later. It’s all about deferred gratification.

After the 5th when Mercury is in Scorpio communications with others will really pay dividends for all of you and before the 7th, if born after May 15th, tread carefully around partners as they are  rather volatile and they may not be easy to deal with

Meanwhile Jupiter in your solar 2nd house of Gemini continues to protect many of you financially, and certainly it is a time to focus on a work ethic for many of you as well, and the ordinary, everyday routine needs rationalisation.

Between the 3rd and 28th many of you will have the opportunity to enjoy life to the full and creativity is underlined, as is romance, and children’s issues can be a bonus.

Meanwhile, those born around April 20th are being blessed by the magical touch of Neptune, bringing exquisite sensitivity and almost psychic understanding to your door.

The full Moon in your sign on the 30th directly affects those born around April 27th. For this small group of Taureans, be aware that relationships issues can come to a little bit of a head and are better for it around this time.

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