Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Friends and group associations dominate and can be very constructive, but don’t expect to make major headway between the 6th and 26th. Thereafter you start to see results but your charms, notably after the 22nd, can be persuasive, especially if born in December.

Before the 17th some of you may be feeling rather angry, particularly if born after January 7th. Don’t sit on resentment; don’t seethe, express with calm to the right person at the right place at the right time.

After the 17th, all born up to January 1st are much more proactive in a successful way, and your energy, psychological, physical and spiritual is strong to enable you to achieve what you want, but don’t be too assertive.

However Pluto and Uranus are still very much on the case for many of you born late December. If born December 25th to 27th there is a restlessness that cannot be assuaged and there is a desire for rebellious and maverick behaviour, which is uncharacteristic, but change may be forced upon you if you do not acknowledge its need.

Also those born December 29th and 30th are very aware of the need to flex their muscles and to express a fated sense of power which you can use for good or ill. With consciousness, it will be the former. This once every 248 year hit should be honoured with respect for the sense of destiny it brings.

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