Monday, 1 October 2012

ARIES  MARCH 21st - APRIL 20th

Relationships are powerful movers and shakers in your world this month and many of you may well have to deal with some profound nitty-gritty facts and some truths will be told. From the 7th many of you born up to April 8th will be focusing on academic issues and higher learning, and travel may be a great motivator. From the 28th, early Aries born March 22nd to 25th should make hay while Cupid is shining down on you.

For those born between April 4th and 7th, Jupiter is your buddy now. He is really underlining your intellectual and communication abilities, and bringing a level of luck that needs to be embraced and exploited through intelligent observation of opportunities.

Saturn is about to leave your opposite sign on the 5th. This is a cause of celebration for many of you. He has caused relationship challenges for some years now. Those who finally have to bite the bullet on this level now, are those born after April 18th. This is a time for finally rubber-stamping the necessity principle relating to a significant other, and where obligation or duty has to be observed, or one may need to walk away. From Scorpio after the5th, issues to do with relationships are a little more profound, and Saturn in Scorpio for all Aries is an indication of the need to become very grounded, pragmatic and realistic about financial issues, particularly of a complicated or joint sort. TA

For all born around March 27th, both Pluto and Uranus are still maintaining challenges. Stay flexible but be aware that chapters are ending. And you must be totally conscious about not being a victim of your own unconscious.  Deep issues are erupting and powerful buttons are being pressed and you need to understand these and count to 10 before reacting. And be as prepared to examine your own motives re use of power as much as you are needing to be aware of others’ potential misuse of power around you now.  Try and have a psychoanalytical view of the energies at work within and without now.

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