Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Focus on home and domestic issues dominate your plans, but both social and domestic plans can be put on hold, frustratingly so, between the 6th and 26th, but at least after the 22nd many of you will be making efforts to make home sweet home a reality.

Before the 17th, if born after August 9th, your predatory side is strong as is your extrovert creative instinct and your energy is proud and effective. After the 17th however, many of you need to remind yourselves of the need for pursuit of income.

If born August 3rd to 9th friends are invaluable and bring opportunities, and indeed your leadership skills are honed.

However with Saturn in Scorpio, those born July 26th to 31st are feeling the cold fingers of this karmic schoolteacher. Family issues are weighty and need attending to. Blocks, restrictions and delays are all to teach you something important. No pain, no gain. Reality checks need observing.

However, by contrast, those born July 22nd to 28th are also feeling a great desire to kick over the traces and make a new start, and are seeing the bigger picture and having a greater understanding beyond the limits of the ego. Between Saturn and Uranus this could be a great learning-curve period.

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