Monday, 1 October 2012

GEMINI             MAY 21st - JUNE 20th

Saturn moving from Libra into Scorpio puts focus on work. Hard application of skills needs focusing on. Detail, rationalisation, biting the bullet of difficult tasks with humility is all part of the picture. It is also important to take this as an opportunity to take very good care of the health and seek out fitness routines. Wherever Saturn is, any hard work put in, pays off.

However being Libra’s month, it is also a time to celebrate life and creativity, but after the 5th, Mercury also in Scorpio points to focus intellectually on everyday routine.

Mars in Scorpio before the 7th indicates that before that date, for many of you a big push in career is needed. From the 7th all born up to June 10th have Mars going through their solar 7th house, suggesting that there will be some war drums potentially around coming from others , and you have to be careful about your own assertiveness that may be inviting this, but the impact of others will be noticed.

Jupiter still in your sign is very good news however for all born June 5th to 8th.  Relationships, travel, luck, growth can all flourish, and a feeling of confidence invites these qualities in during this once every 12-year visit.

Also Uranus is smiling on those born May 25th to 28th. He is bringing a need for a more humanitarian, big-picture view of the world and a desire to express your unique individuality, to be less risk averse and to take a leap into a more innovative, exciting future with a greater confidence about your need for freedom and liberty.

However if born around May 22nd/23rd, smoke and mirrors and some confusion are in the air, particularly around career, and divine discontent is making you realise that you have neglected your soul and you need to put that right, but check all the small print and other peoples’ credentials. It is easy now to be a victim of self-deception or deception from others.

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