Monday, 1 October 2012

SAGITTARIUS               NOVEMBER 22nd - DECEMBER 21st

Saturn’s move into Scorpio represents a bit of a quiet note for your sign, but he does move into your solar 12th, suggesting a coming sense of a little bit of isolation,  and a need not to brood and to realise that you can ask for help and you should not be left alone with your problems. It can also bring issues from the past very much into play in your consciousness with a need to bring out those issues into conscious control, rather than let them control you. Also anxiety and worried can grow out of proportion, if you allow it.

Being Libra’s month, this is an excellent time for sociability and for pursuing humanitarian or altruistic goals with others, and work will be a major focus after the 3rd and before the 28th in a way that is pleasing, but you may have to smile, even though you are not best pleased.

Before the 7th be wary of sitting on anger, and after the 7th for all born up to December 10th, a great drive and energy will be yours. Make sure it is a positive and constructive one, rather than overly assertive.

Jupiter is a now best friend for those born December 6th to 9th. For this group there is a very strong feeling of full on life force and other people are very encouraging and they can bring great relationship excitements.  Just beware of being OTT or pushing the boat too far. Others can certainly tempt you into excess, but it is a great time for travel and enjoyment.

For those born November 26th to 29th, Uranus is trining your Sun now, creating a great boost to your self-expression and your desire for creativity. Your maverick side and individuality will also be accentuated. There is a need for freedom, and a desire for a bit of adventure and adrenaline. This is a time to positively enjoy, celebrate and pursue your own unique individuality.

Meanwhile those born around November 22nd are having Neptune rather muddying the waters. Feelings of uncertainty, the dissolving of ties and some confusion are yours. This is because you are in transition from one phase of life to another. It is a time to listen to your soul, to not make any definitive decisions and to realise that you are a chrysalis and will emerge a butterfly. This is a redemptive period of metamorphosis. The fog will clear.

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