Monday, 1 October 2012

CANCER            JUNE 21st - JULY 21st

A sigh of relief is indicated for all of you as Saturn leaves from a difficult angle to your sign where domestic issues may have been quite onerous and underconfidence may also have been part of the picture. From Scorpio he forms a positive angle to your Sun, and for many of you over the next 2½ years some very grown-up, constructive, serious and disciplined attitude will carry you far, particularly creatively, in romance and in relation to one’s offspring. Patience, austerity, focus, pragmatism and maturity will all be demanded to good effect. Initially, those affected are born June 22nd to 25th.

Being Libra’s month, focus however will be very much on home and domestic issues for many of you, but from the 5th all of you will have an opportunity to express yourself very effectively and creatively, and communication with offspring can be very fulfilling, and indeed with romantic relationships too.

Mars in Scorpio before the 7th directly impacts in a positive way, those born after July 17th. This can also bring a predatory note that can be quite successfully applied in your romantic pursuits.

However those born around June 26th to 29th are still feeling the effects of Pluto and Uranus in their rare connection with your Sun. This is a period when many of you are going through a period of stresses and strains with power struggles with others, and also with your own and other peoples’ unpredictable attitude, particularly around work and relationships. All is in flux; you want to empower yourself but you have to be very careful how you do this. Do not be too impulsive and control primeval eruptions. If others are coercive in a way that is unacceptable, draw boundaries with dignity and walk away, or at the very least, learn from what this eruption is reflecting in you.

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