Monday, 1 October 2012



A big astrological shift occurs this month. Saturn, the karmic schoolteacher moves into Scorpio on the 5th where he will stay for the best part of 3 years. Saturn shows the world what we need to learn and where karmic learning curves are needed. Scorpio is connected to the principle of outgoing desire, power, extremism, depth, truth, obsession, endings and new beginnings. It is also very connected to value systems in finances. It would seem that we are likely to have an intense and explosive few years before us. Saturn is a hard taskmaster and is extremist in his expectations of others. The drive for success is huge when in Scorpio, and what the world will be tested for will be motive as to what it wants as a collective animal. The pain that Saturn in Scorpio brings, is the pain of realising that what you want is not necessarily what you need or what you can have, and this pain of outgoing but frustrated desire will be the greatest teacher for us all. We will all have to reduce our expectations in terms of consumerism, not only because of economic depression, but because of environmental and climate change conditions and its impact on food production and water provision. There will be those who are obsessed to expedite a change of attitude because of a realisation and huge insight into where the world will go unless we change, and there will be those with equal obsession who just want to keep the old model of ruthless consumer capitalism pushing on. Ultimately however there will be a need to re-evaluate all our value systems and this will become apparent over the next few years. Also the uncovering of truths, dark issues and whistle blowing will be on the increase. Ruthlessness will definitely be in the air as will digging obsessively to uncover hidden information, no matter how uncomfortable  and deep rooted..

There has been an increasingly strong cognitive dissonance at work. We have simultaneously known collectively (for those who have eyes to see) that a crisis is looming, whilst being prepared to fiddle as Rome has started to burn,

The flames however will soon approach and scorch us all, demanding a drastic response.

Deep resentments that will not be assuaged will build, if people feel there has been injustice and primeval and ruthless fury can be released, which will be met with a likewise response

When Saturn (lessons) is in Scorpio (desire) it will be in mutual reception with Pluto (power/meltdown) in Capricorn (economy/establishment), this will enhance both planetary powers to force a decisive crisis in deciding the world’s direction. The gloves will be off and we will see the expression of naked, unabashed ideological stances, often expressed in extremism. We will all have to stand up and be counted.


Is it a dog eat dog, survival of the fittest world, where money is the only value that dominates, as in the Ayn Rand school of thought? Or is it a world that wants to be truly democratic, people centred and which values fairness, compassion with an all-inclusive vision of pursuing equal opportunity, along with respect for the sustainability of our planet and its creatures?

The U.S presidential election will basically boil down to these two choices in a way that is more black and white (no pun intended) than ever before. The problem is, that it is not presidents that make final decisions when in power now. Increasingly it is money and vested interests that do. Hence, even with an Obama victory, which is likely (just) more by virtue of Romney’s revealing gaffes than Obama’s stance, the former philosophy will still dominate, at least initially.

Clearly natives of the sign of Scorpio and of the opposite sign of Taurus will be most impacted by this Saturn shift of sign and with the signs of Leo and Aquarius (both in square relationship to Scorpio) also quite significantly feeling the hand of this benevolent despot, or karmic schoolteacher of a planet.  But remember if we humbly learn our lessons and do what is necessary, even if tough, under Saturn, he brings prizes later.

Scorpio countries include Bavaria, Norway, Morocco, Korea, Syria and the State of Queensland in Australia and the Transvaal in South Africa. Cities that are reputedly Scorpio ruled are Baltimore, Cincinnati, New Orleans, Liverpool, Newcastle, and Washington DC.

Although this is Libra’s month, Mars is in Scorpio until the 7th and Mercury is in Scorpio from the 5th to 29th, so expect some dark activity and exposures of more uncomfortable truths on planet earth

Uranus in Aries continues to square Pluto in Capricorn so the now familiar theme of rebellion of people against the masters of the universe continues.

The new Moon falls on the 15th at 22º of Libra and the full Moon falls on the 30th at 6º of Taurus.

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