Monday, 1 October 2012

VIRGO          AUGUST 23rd  - SEPTEMBER 21st

Saturn moving into Scorpio is quite a positive influence for your sign. For the next 2½ years it will bring for many of you a sense of taking a very serious, intellectual, positive, focused and disciplined attitude towards life, study and communications. You will become very grounded and pragmatic in your thought processes in a constructive and disciplined way, enhancing your already strong levels of patience and work ethic. Initially, those benefiting are born August 23rd to 28th, but note that this Saturn angle, though positive, does request a grown-up and serious motivation and attitude.

By contrast currently, if born September 7th to 10th, Jupiter may be tempting you to some excess or over-confidence, which is out of character, but beware!

Because there is a strong influence from Scorpio this month, the power of your thoughts and communications will matter and indeed, for those born after September 17th, there will be before the 7th a very strong and passionate drive to achieve through the power of incisive communication and its influence over others. After the 7th if born up to September 11th, there could be a feeling that someone on the home front is being less than calm or cooperative and indeed your own energy could be a little like a bull in a china shop.

However, between the 3rd and 28th, you will all get a bonus from Venus being in your sign, bringing harmony, aesthetic appreciation and charm to your door, and it will also be a generally “good hair” period.

Neptune is in his on-going foray through Pisces, directly affecting those born around August 24th. This group should be very wary and careful that you don’t perceive only what you want to see in others and be also cautious about deceptive influences around you. Idealism is strong, but keep grounded.

Meanwhile, for those born August 29th to September 1st, you are still in a period of real empowerment, creatively and romantically. You are re-inventing yourself, believing in yourself and understanding the impact that you have in a very positive and regenerative way on others.

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