Monday, 1 October 2012

SCORPIO            OCTOBER 24th - NOVEMBER 21st

Saturn moves into your sign, which he does every 30 years and will stay there for 2½ years. The implications of this are that you will all at some point during this time face a very growing-up period when you will be demanded to learn some lessons to apply yourself to what is necessary and to work very hard to create a greater solid infrastructure in your life, even though it may feel like quite an uphill struggle at times. This is a very maturing period. Initially those most affected are early Scorpios born October 24th to 28th. It will be a “bite the bullet” time for many of you but which is necessary. Remember that with Saturn self-discipline, patience, humility and conscious maturity and the biting of bullets are all-necessary, as well as is caring for the body, the vessel that carries you.  Sometimes there is no gain without first experiencing some pain.  Remember what you want is not always what you need and humbly realising and accepting a need to give up on certain outgoing desire, can be your greatest and most purifying teacher over the next few years. Saturn is a benevolent despot and a karmic schoolteacher..

Mars in your sign before the 7th will also make many of you born after the 16th very assertive in the first week, and that assertiveness can be very productive or it can be coercive. Remember your sign is capable of obsessive desires. Beware it does not become a steam roller that creates enemies.

From the 5th all of you will have exceptional communication gifts, be very incisive and you will get listened to, and after the 3rd, Venus in Virgo will bring all of you a sociable period and when friends and romantic issues are highlighted. However, because this is Libra’s month, many of you may be divided between a little splendid isolation and sociability.

Neptune is bringing to all very early Scorpios born around October 24th a touch of magic, which he has been doing for some time. It brings real inspiration, a desire for soul mates and a very great spiritual connection with one’s offspring. It also emphasises deep-rooted, creative abilities and the need to reach out for your heart and soul and ideals will be emphasised as is empathy, compassion and caring.

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