Friday, 9 November 2012


A brilliant month for pushing the boundaries both intellectually and geographically, but travel can suffer from some delays and hiccups between the 6th and 26th.

Before the 22nd some of you can sweet-talk your way to financial advantage and after the 22nd if born up to March 1st, love and creative skills blend with long-distance interests.

Before the 17th if born after March 8th, tread carefully at work as there are angry people who may well be taking it out on you; deserved or not.  Carefully monitor your own assertiveness.

After the 17th if born up to March 1st, you are can be proactive in social life and successfully co-ordinating events.

Saturn is a serious, but constructive note for those born February 21/22nd to 25th. Intellectual activities and travel have a dutiful, obligation feel and needed discipline pays off later.

If born February 25th to 28th, there is a powerful input from Pluto that allows you to be a mover and shaker in a way that reaches far. Your insight and intellectual ability, provided it is used for greater good, can be life changing for others and self now. Use wisely.

If your birthday is cuspal Pisces, around February 19th and 20th your ruler Neptune is in his rare visitation to your Sun, emphasising hugely your Piscean traits, whether positive i.e. creativity, spirituality, psychic powers, empathy, compassion and redemptive action, or negative i.e. escapism, hypersensitivity, addiction, vulnerability and deception. Ensure the former dominate.

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