Friday, 30 November 2012


 A time to shine and entertain. December is definitely a party month for Leo and appropriately so for your signs desire to, and from the 11th the social whirl and a real characteristic desire to be living life to the full calls. Romance also gets the green light, especially if born up to August 12th.   Offspring issues are particularly underlined too this month, as is creative potency in all contexts.

However before the Christmas period, you will need to focus attention on family and ensure their needs are met and that they are not neglected or indeed resentful. With Mars in Capricorn you cannot ignore your health and work issues either, as much as pastures seem much greener elsewhere.

Jupiter is bringing opportunities for growth now if born July 30th to August 5th. Friendships, leadership skills and social life are all tinged with success and expansion and of course not a little extra confidence.

However Saturn is definitely bringing those born July 28th to August 2nd down to earth with a bit of a rude bump, so although Jupiter is protective and acts as a mitigating factor, Saturn effects dominate and are related to home and family issues, which it is why it is so important to accept the disciplines and rigours of those Saturn priorities that are demanded of you, if your future is to be blessed and if Jupiter is going to fully oblige you as you would wish. Every thing has to be earned.

If born around August 6th, you have itchy feet and the desire for adventure and risk and the impulse for sudden travel can get the better of you and it can indeed be liberating, particularly after the 13th.

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