Friday, 30 November 2012


December is definitely a home-loving time for your sign, especially after the 11th when Mercury and Venus respectively move into your domestic arena, bringing a level of comfort and quiet calm.  Love and family harmony is accentuated and the desire to enhance surroundings may be fruitfully pursued.

Before the 16th many of you will be very successfully negotiating and communicating your way into progress, both personally and professionally as your communication gifts are polished and dealings with siblings are enhanced.

Before the 26th all August born Virgos are feeling empowered and focused and if dealing with creative issues, you are truly and constructively focused, and indeed you are not your usual shy and retiring self when it comes to the party spirit and you are not shy about coming forward to display unique gifts, or indeed to display your affections and attractions to others. Take yourself by surprise and enjoy confidence. After the 26th, your usual work ethic returns with a vengeance.

 A slight warning for those born August 31st to September 5th; beware unusual complacency at work or over-reaching. However this same group have Saturn simultaneously bringing some welcome caution.

Neptune is still creating some illusion, delusion or over-idealism around relationships if born at the very beginning of Virgo, around August 23rd. Keep it real and don’t project what you want to see onto others, and check out the validity of those you deal with.

However very positively those born September 1st/2nd have a wonderful Pluto transit still bringing a great creative and romantic confidence, and fertility abounds on all levels.

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