Friday, 9 November 2012

Doing a few calculations over finances will not go astray, and don’t be surprised if between the 6th and 26th communications and organisation do not go smoothly.

Before the 22nd if born after September 26th, is a good hair period. You are looking good and feeling good and your charms are extra potent. Thereafter money can be made through creative feats and persuasive powers.

After the 17th if born up to October 5th, be wary that you are not a little impatient or over-assertive, particularly with family and on the domestic front, and the proverbial bull in the china shop will do you no good, in attitude.

For those born October 4th to 10th, this is brilliant time for vacations and for enhancing one’s intellect and metaphysical interests, but equally those born September 26th to 28th are feeling the disruptive hailstorms of Uranus as others throw unexpected slings and arrows into the melting pot. The unpredictable in others can however result in your greater freedom.

Meanwhile those born 1st and 2nd of October are dealing with the power of Pluto. Power struggles with others at home may be forcing you to take a bold stance with dignity and endings of chapters are in the air, as you assert your power with a powerful sense of destiny. That is quite undeniable, but stop and count to ten first, so you assert yourself with dignity and calm

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