Friday, 30 November 2012


Prior to the 16th, financial issues may loom large but in a positive way. You may find yourself more pleased than you anticipated.

The need for communication is strong with a need to thrash things out and intellectual pursuits become paramount, but in the first week your charms go a long way to enhance your life, and indeed your finances.

Before the 26th, Mars is in Capricorn, suggesting that all those born after October 3rd need to tread carefully around home and family, and although this is an excellent time for DIY, impatience and over-exertion can be problematic.

However Jupiter is casting his benevolent rays down on those born September 30th to October 6th. For this group travel is a favoured option and intellectual pursuits are also powerfully enhanced. A feeling of protection luck, well being and growth is yours.

Uranus and Pluto are however in a less friendly angle to your sign, Uranus is now affecting those born around September 26th to 28th. For this group others are behaving in a very unexpected fashion. The left field is in the air vis-à-vis significant others. Their desire for greater freedom or authenticity can be a trigger for you to pursue your own desires too, but do not rely on people’s predictability or continuity. After the 13th, things will become clearer.

If born the first two days of October, the desire for independence, empowerment, and the instinct to avoid a threat to your security and your authentic future may make you over-react to others. A power struggle may seem to be external but it is really within yourself, and facing some of the darker truths of life may be necessary at this point, not least about you.

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