Friday, 30 November 2012


Relationships loom large this month from a professional and also a personal viewpoint. After the 11th there is a very sociable feeling about you, and your communication skills with others are outstanding. You will be in demand, especially if born up to June 10th when all of you will find a meeting of minds important when it comes to the pursuit of romantic possibilities, but do not ignore the power of achievements in your working life, especially in the first week.

Before the 26th, energy put into securing financial issues can pay off. After the 26th very early Geminis born up to May 27th may find they have long-distance plans calling, and this is a time of real intellectual energy that is constructive, focused and successful. Legal issues too can be addressed with constructive vigour

Jupiter is in your sign, which of course is excellent news for those born May 27th to June 2nd. For this group there is confidence, growth, both inner and outer, relationship joy, travel and a green light going on to fulfil your needs and desires. Enjoy, but do not take your eye off your professional obligations now that Saturn is in Scorpio.

If born around May 25th to 27th Uranus is inspiring you to seek out the new and innovative and rightly so, and trust your intuition. Others are catalysts.

However if born around May 22nd be wary that all is not clear. There is confusion and you feel a little lost on a foggy night at sea with no landmarks, but you need to honour your heart. By the New Year, things will start to clarify.

The New moon in Sagittarius on the 13th is a message for those born around June 13th/14th that the initiation of the new, or the regenerated in relationships, is in the air.

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