Friday, 9 November 2012


Your mind is sharp and communication is important to you now, possibly out of necessity, but because your ruler Mercury is infuriatingly retrograde between the 6th and 26th either side of those dates are best for negotiation or at least for results coming through.

Your charms are underscored after the 22nd if born up to September 4th. Before that date, focus on finances will be beneficial.

Before the 17th if born after September 9th, war drums are audible from others whose level of irritation seem needless, but it could be in response to you being critical.

After the 17th all born up to September 9th need to keep an eye on finances that are complex and shared by others.

Uncharacteristic extravagance and over-confidence are in the air for those born September 3rd to 9th, notably in career, so just beware.

Those born late August benefit from cautious, measured discipline applied to their affairs.

However if born around August 23rd, beware: those around you may not be as they seem. All that glisters is not gold and heroes and heroines will fall of pedestals and those you try and save may become liabilities.

If born August 31st/September 1st, Pluto is really giving confidence, not only creatively, but also romantically, and the power of offspring and Cupid can be very regenerative

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