Friday, 9 November 2012

You are in the spotlight in your profession, so acknowledge that and effort put in between the 6th and 26th may not come to fruition until after that period.  Delays happens for good reason if you but trust.

Before the 22nd love life and enjoyment connected to other cultures is possible for all those born after January 24th.  Also creative input is well received far afield. Thereafter, your charms need to be exploited and employed at work and colleagues and superiors smile upon you..

Before the 17th, if born after February 6th, your leadership skills and ability to inspire others is strong. After that date, all born up to January 31st need to be careful about sitting on any unexpressed anger. It will do you no good and can harm relationships and your body, however behind the scenes hard work can seriously pay off.

If born January 23rd to 27th, Saturn is causing professional conundrums. You need to face facts and do what is necessary, or accept delays and just keep soldiering on, if what you are doing is right. Also, this same group need to be wary that the lord of time: your co-ruler Saturn, is reminding you to honour the vessel that carries you: your body.

If born January 14th to 26th, you are able to use your intuition to guide you perfectly now, as your ruling planet, Uranus is rarely and magnificently enhancing your judgement.

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