Friday, 30 November 2012


You may feel you can’t totally relax about work this month and even when not at work you feel somehow high profile and having to rise to the occasion, which may not suit your mood.

However before the 16th many of you may find your attention is far afield, either through travel or overseas interests, and this can be romantic and intellectual, notably for those born after March 1st, and communication skills are honed, as are academic achievements.

Before the 26th Mars enhances energies on a very intelligent and well-directed level for all March born Pisces. Your leadership skills in a group and your ability to focus on pursuing your desires shouldn’t be underestimated. From the 26th energy focuses on more private pursuits.
 After the 26th it’s important if born up to February 25th that you don’t sit on anger and seethe like a pressure-cooker. It will do you no good.

Those born February 25th to March 3rd need to have a care this month over extravagance and general over-confidence. However because Saturn is also on your case you have to be very disciplined of necessity in some way in order to achieve goals.

Neptune, your ruler, is in his once every 165 year visitation to the Suns of all those born around February 21st/22nd. It is a powerful period, which has been going on for some time when you will really be feeling that incredible psychic and idealistic power of Neptune. Just beware of the more negative side of deception, escapism, addiction, unrealism and passivity. Make him work for you, not against you. Use your empathy and sensitivity to uplift the world.

However for those born February 26th to March 1st Pluto is helping you meet a destiny of leadership ability and the desire to transform others and to also be the recipient of other’s power who can transform your life in some way. Do not waste this energy

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